Cruice-Barnett's New EP 'U.S. Foreign Policy' Including New Hit Single: Vietnam ft. Mitchell Berven-Stotz

Mitchell Berven-Stotz and I created an infographinc detailing the negative aspects of the Vietnam war, such as the herbicide Agent Orange and the civilian casualties. I was interested in exploring the Vietnam war because it was a topic that I did not know a great deal about and I wanted to explore an instance of U.S. involvement that ended poorly for the U.S.

Comments (4)

Anna Sugrue (Student 2016)
Anna Sugrue

Very simple, clear, clean cut, and easy to read. I think you told me the reader everything I need to know. Your pictures are simple and text are short and sweet and get the job done. I liked the use of army green. However, upon first glance it is not the most intriguing design, so if you were to improve you project I would make it more eye-catching.

Jasmin Gilliam (Student 2016)
Jasmin Gilliam

The use of numbers is used quite well in this infographic and everything is very clear and concise int the way that it's presented. It could flow better from thing to thing and guide your eye a bit more than just information on a page.