Guatemala: Nabried, Midgett, Velazquez, Shareef-Trudeau

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Lydia Anderson (Student 2018)
Lydia Anderson

All of you were very articulate, the pictures were precise and understandable. I would say record the audio with the same app, computer etc so it sounds cohesive. Very well done project!

Kathryn Kopf (Student 2018)
Kathryn Kopf

Very nice job, good photos and articulation a lot of information about Guatemala too. I would just say try to vary your tone a little bit when speaking, like your telling us a story and not just reading off a script. But excellent job.

Seyni Ndaw (Student 2018)
Seyni Ndaw

I really liked the visuals you used in your presentation. Instead of just having one picture represent the entire location, you had multiple images matched with what you were saying which made it more interesting to watch.