Haiti Earthquake Infographic (With Josh Berg)


Our infographic was decidedly focused on a topic in U.S. foreign relations that did not involve war or any kind of military conflict. We wanted to focus on a chapter in U.S. history where we were lending a helping hand to a country in need. The united States was a big player in the Haiti relief effort, helping the country get back on its feet after the disaster. 

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Zack Hersh (Student 2016)
Zack Hersh

This is an awesome project! A few notes: -I don't really like the use of we in the graphic (though it doesn't appear that much). I think it would improve it to remove first person -You don’t need the description of chart, it’s done well enough that it’s clear what it’s showing and that the readers get that it's background -I like how you take a look at US foreign policy as whole, not just this example, but through the lens of this example -However, the side fact about Africa seems out of place with the topic of your graphic -Very visually appealing and well done. Color scheme and images are compelling with the information you present -Information is comprehensive, but digestible through it’s brevity -I don’t really like the underlining of numbers -Again, the donation pie chart doesn’t need a description, everything you say in the description is already made clear -I don't think the fully filled zeros in injuries goes along with the theme of contrast in the design of rest of graphic -I think a strong conclusion after your deaths would really tie together and punctuate this well done project.