¡Hola, extraño!

There are 3 things you need to know
1. How to say hello
2. how to say how are you
3. how to say good bye

1. Hello= ¡Hola!
2. Good morning= ¡Buenos días!
3. Good afternoon= ¡Buenas tardes!
4. Good evening= ¡Buenas noches!
5. How are you?= ¿ Cómo estas?
6.Good bye= ¡Adios!

Introduction to Video

Here's a video of two people meeting again, who knew each other from high school.

Comments (4)

Klarissa Hudson (Student 2015)
Klarissa Hudson

¡Qué informativo! Maybe the video could be clearer and less noisy. Also the words could be bold in English or bold in Spanish to make it a bit clearer or it could be on Quizlet.