Immigration Visualization Project Reflection

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  • ​The fact that there were so many non-European immigrants at this time surprised me. This is because I expected the only non-European "immigrants" to be slaves. However, I was not surprised that the number of immigrants decreased when there was a depression. I wouldn't expect people of foreign lands to travel to America during such a sad time.
  • For the next two decades, I expect that the immigration trend will plummet once more. This is because America is currently going through a rough time. This results in the condition of America being less that ideal for an immigrant.
  • I decided that something out of the ordinary would be the best way to present the information. I originally wanted to make a map of a theme park with checkpoints along the way. However, as time progressed and errors occurred, this became more extensive than I had originally envisioned.
  • I had trouble with collaborating with my group simply because my laptop is in the shop getting fixed. So, this made it necessary for me to share a computer with a group member in class, making the amount of individual working time in class to complete the project increase.
  • If I had to do this project over, I would have done more work on the project at home. This would have allowed the amount of time that I needed to use another group member's computer to minimize.

Comments (5)

Shamarlon Yates (Student 2013)
Shamarlon Yates

You could have picked a better way to present your information. You should have included some pictures to really bring some color to your design and just bring the presentation to life. The font could have also been enlarged.

Malik Tlili (Student 2013)
Malik Tlili

i understand the concept you are attempting to create but i do not see it portrayed in the visualization. i do not see the relation of the number of immigrants and how they fluctuated throughout the periods of history in america. it seems incomplete but hopefully you could have finished with your first idea with more work.

Imani Johnson (Student 2013)
Imani Johnson

Are the shapes supposed to represent the change in immigration rate? If you were to show why the shapes were important and if you kind of added colors or something that really pops out to the viewers, this project would have been good. Also you should've added more information in those boxes because it doesn't really explain why the immigration rates changed.

Marina Pyfrom (Student 2013)
Marina Pyfrom

Looking at this image it did not catch my attention at all. I think adding some colors would definitely make this picture sparkle and make someone want to view the image.

Katherine Hatzidais (Student 2013)
Katherine Hatzidais

This was very confusing. I wasn't sure what each shape meant. In one of the boxes there was a picture but it was in just that box. I wish there were a little more reason to this visualization.