In the Time of the Butterflies - The End

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Deja Winfield (Student 2019)
Deja Winfield

intention- I like the way the introduced the author's intention on the history of Dominicans. the intention was covered throughout the podcast. production- everyone spoke evenly so good job

Nzinga Suluki-Bey (Student 2019)
Nzinga Suluki-Bey

They did address authors intent very well by giving examples and using context from the telling of Dominican history. I like how the group balanced each other out and the music was good.

Matthew Milligan (Student 2019)
Matthew Milligan
  1. I like how you guys started off by talking about the theme of holding yourself back. I think it helped set up the explanation of the author's intent. I think you guys addressed the author's intent by talking about the historical context related to the book.
  2. I liked the music you had in the beginning and also playing throughout the podcast. It was good background noise.
Eli Zimmerman (Student 2019)
Eli Zimmerman

You guys did address the author's intention by addressing the fact that she is attempting to tell Dominican history and sharing her opinion of it and to educate people on it. I enjoyed the background music in your podcast, it's very soothing.

Rebecca Snyder (Student 2019)
Rebecca Snyder

I think they did do a good job of addressing the author's intent. Understanding that this story was written to approach a larger audience for understanding a piece of Dominican history felt very relevant. I like their background music behind the conversation, it set the mood for the setting of the novel.

Leah Bradstreet (Student 2019)
Leah Bradstreet
  1. They address the author's intent by saying it was hard to determine due to the fact that the author is telling a story. They theorize that she was telling Dominican history. They think maybe it served a purpose in the past and now it may be just a very good book that is a shadow of what it once was. The author's intent was covered as well as the group judging whether that was successful or not.
  2. I liked the background music they chose, how they shared their thoughts equally, Perhaps they could have included a brief summary of what had happened. I liked how they connected this book to other pieces of literature.