Incriminating lead exposure

Owen and I wanted to examine what average people know about lead exposure and get there opinions on the morality involved with conviction. 

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Vannary Kom (Student 2014)
Vannary Kom

I enjoyed listening to your podcast. It's interesting to hear both sides of the argument from a nurse and a student. Your topic of choice was helpful.

Niyala Brownlee (Student 2014)
Niyala Brownlee

Is it a 'touchy' subject? Is it really? I enjoyed the duos take on what we'd learned in class. They'd taken it further and presented it in their own way. Second part sounded a bit odd though it contained much info as well. Is there something interesting that this duo found out but did not include in their podcast?

Raeven Maddox (Student 2014)
Raeven Maddox

I really enjoyed your interview especially since you had both arguments. I also liked the fact that you had different opinions, for example, from the nurse. What influenced you to talk about this topic ?

Imani Rothwell (Student 2014)
Imani Rothwell

I really enjoyed the interview section it gave two different views. I also like the discussion within the interview, making the audience want to listen to the whole podcast.

Henry Poeng (Student 2014)
Henry Poeng

Your interview had both sides of an argument, which was great.

Using various views within the interview really stood out.

What made you wanna research this topic?

Ellen To (Student 2014)
Ellen To
  • I believe that there should be more lenient to people who have had lead exposure during their developmental stages.

  • I like that you had different point of views (a medical and a student).

  • The background you provided was really helpful.

  • Why did you chose to talk about this topic?