Into The Heat - Fahrenheit 451 // Episode 3

In this week’s episode, Damilola, Dilon, and Shaharaim discuss the big ending to Fahrenheit 451. We also discuss what the author, Ray Bradbury’s, intention was for the meaning of the book, and how time changes people’s interpretation of any story. Here is the link:

English Podcast (2)
English Podcast (2)

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Cameron Booker (Student 2022)
Cameron Booker

I agree with Oskar i think that your perspectives on the book brung a lot of different ideas and topics about the book made the listener think about the authors intent as well

Oskar Glahn (Student 2022)
Oskar Glahn

I like the perspective the readers took to try to decode the author's intent in this novel. I enjoyed hearing about the common themes of the book and how that translates into certain ideals and virtues.