Introducing Hamlet: Act 1&2

Eggs With A Side of Hamlet by Leo Cassel-Siskind, Lilly Roman, Alan Li, Paxton Wentzell In this episode we introduce the characters ofthe play Hamlet, written by Shakespeare. We attempt to make sense out of whatcan often be complicated text so as to put the listener in the best position moving forward by first delving into the mystical appearance of the ghost of the former king and the response by his son Hamlet. We pressed on into the rather awkward topic of how the former king’s wife had married his brother, the new king. Finally, we tried to get a better understanding of Hamlet’s emotional state and perhaps even more importantly how his emotional state is perceived.

Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at 9.16.39 PM
Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at 9.16.39 PM
Evidence/Topics Discussed
 Act 1 Scene 2 > Claudius & Gertrude's Hasty marriage, Hamlet's unhappiness
 Act 1 Scene 3 > Laertes and Polonius warn Ophelia
 Act 1 Scene 4 > Hamlet meets and talks with the Ghost of King Hamlet
 Act 1 Scene 5 > King Hamlet's Death. Hamlet swears vengeance
 Act 2 Scene 1 > Hamlet appears to be insane. Polonius assume he is going through Ophelia withdrawl
 Act 2 Scene 2 > Polonius is spying on Hamlet while Hamlet plans to uses a play to trip a guilty reaction from Claudius

Comments (6)

Israt Jahan (Student 2019)
Israt Jahan

I really liked this podcast because i was able to follow through the conversation even though i didn't read the book it was interesting to hear you guys thoughts and the connections.

Lauren Brown (Student 2019)
Lauren Brown

HAHAHA Loved the picture of 'Hamlet'! You guys did a fantastic job performing a discussion that flowed so naturally. Only thing I'd change is the fact that it sounded very clearly like either multiple takes or something. I really enjoyed how conversational your podcast was. It wasn't too hard to follow but still got me thinking. The momentary elevator music was a nice touch. Well done!

Jacobo Pastor (Student 2019)
Jacobo Pastor

The podcast overall was very interesting as you were able to tell that the was some planning behind the scenes. I agree with William, but I believe there was just passing a mic around. Either way, really nice in-depth thoughts and analysis.

William Huang (Student 2019)
William Huang

Very nice breakdown of what happens in each Act/Scene. Every has a really nice podcast voice. Analysis was very in-depth. Did everyone record their parts separately? Because it didn't sound like it was in one sitting and in the same place.