Iron Man Teddie

Stuffed animals are a large part of almost every childhood. They are our first friends, and our most trustworthy confidants. They protect from the dark and saved us from the boogie monsters under our beds. 

We thought it would be cute and appropriate to make a Teddy bear light-up like Iron Man, the super hero. 

The teddy bear we created has a red light on his chest and a light on each hand. The red light turns on and off as you put on and remove the helmet. The white lights can be turned off by disconnecting the two wires under the tail. 

-Claire + Jeffery
Photo on 11-19-12 at 12.34 PM
Photo on 11-19-12 at 12.34 PM

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Michael Roth (Student 2014)
Michael Roth

I like that the bear is both cute and powerful. I also like its representation of Iron Man, because Iron Man is a cool super hero, and this bear is a cool project.