Jordan McLaughlin Petition

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Taahir Henry (Student 2013)
Taahir Henry

Jordan: I am impressed by: The sources he used. The realism of the lobby. His interpretation of how this specific topic has affected him as a person. What he is lobbying for is very simple and straight forward. Add a ratings system that includes "biased" as a rating.

I am confused about: How he will lobby for this? Where he will get the backing for this to be lobbied? How affective does he expect this lobby to be?

Areas for improvement are: Finding someone specific to contact, since he currently doesn't have an individual in mind. (possibly an official that has ties to the FCC. or the FCC itself?)

Kenisha Hood (Student 2013)
Kenisha Hood

We are impressed by his idea, it's creative and different and we would like to see the aftermath of it.

We are confused by why it matters

Room for improvement would be to include his timeline or the research he found into the website so people know exactly why it matters and it could make it a stronger project.