La Rutina Diaria - BEE


During the process of this experiment, I learned how to conjugate and actually remember words more easily. With new vocabulary, I tend to forget the words right after the unit is complete. But with this assignment I was able to think back to the beginning of everything we learned.

I am somewhat proud of my completed assignment. Due to a few obstacles, I was unable to film part of my evening routine. I think I did pretty well not showing those things, although they were big parts like dinner, showering, and putting on pajamas.

If I were to do this over again, I would work at a pace because when we were told that the due date would be a week later, I thought I was pretty far ahead and I could hold it off. Big mistake because of the short week and everything just slipped my mind. I would pace myself and be able to turn it in on time.

I did enjoy this project. It's a very creative way to show that we learned something and be able to have some fun with it.