Media Fluency: New & Improved

Media Fluency (2)
According to the feedback I got. I learned that I have to keep my pictures color backgrounds similar to the rest of the pictures. In my “Fashion designing” picture, I had a tan background, unlike the other pictures which had a white background. So, I changed the picture with another picture that is also associated with fashion designing, and with a white background. Another thing I learned was to make my type really big. I made it 24 size, however there was some people that couldn’t see it, so I change it to a 36, so people could see it clear. Another thing I changed was the theme. My theme had a light pink background, with a couple squares + triangles in the right top corner that is indigo & dark blue, and the picture with my name on it, was cutting through it. So I change the theme and I don’t have those square + triangles on the top corner, so instead I have a pink & purple background. The top is pink, and the bottom purple, and I placed the 2 pictures of my passions in the bottom, and the picture of my name, and the “All about me” text above it. The last thing I changed, was the location of the “All about me” text. I placed it above the my name picture, instead of the bottom. Because according to the feedback I got, my name should be under it, so it could be read as “All about me: Amira”. Research is extremely important in the beginning of the project, because I learned lots of things that helped me understand what to do, and it came to a good result.

Comments (18)

Ruby Ginsburg (Student 2020)
Ruby Ginsburg

This slide works because the images are all surrounded in white, making them all linked. The box that says "Amira" does not appear completely centered. Also, the text in the lower right image is too small to read.

William Flenner (Student 2020)
William Flenner

You mad a lot of changes, from which I can tell that you have learned a lot from your presentation. Though I have to say that if I were in a car and I saw that on a billboard, I could not have read the words in the small picture on the bottom right.

Thomas Gualtieri (Student 2020)
Thomas Gualtieri

The colors pop out very well and make the presentation pleasant to look at. The white borders on the text look a little off, if the text itself was white with no background it would blend better. Nice choice with the images, they fit the color scheme very well.

Teyonna Little (Student 2020)
Teyonna Little

Your colors and contrast are amazing and work really well. Your pictures catch the eye quick and the idea of your name is a good one. I suggest that you make your title bigger and center it

Timothy Williams (Student 2020)
Timothy Williams

this slide works because of all of the different shades of purple and pink, which really compliment each other nicely. the one picture which has pink in it which also complements the background.