Media Fluency/ Reflection

Alejandro Guerra



I designed my slide to look like the iconic kanye west album “the life of pablo”

I was influenced to make my slide like the albums artwork ,because I really like kanye as a creator and artist

I added a Colombian flag ,because that is where my family comes from.

I also added a soccer ball ,because I have a passion ,and love for the sport

I learned that different techniques ,and placements of things in an advertisement can affect if the reader even stops to read it at all.

I didn’t change anything in my slide ,becuase I got mostly positive feedback I did consider moving the flag and the soccer ball a little bit so that there wouldn’t be a tangent ,but the tangent catches the viewers eye ,and brings attention to 2 of the most important things in the slide.

Research is one of the most important things when beginning a project. So that you know what you are supposed to be doing ,and to get inspiration.

ME Slide

Comments (11)

Justin Siegel (Student 2020)
Justin Siegel

Your slide represents you which is great, and looks organized in a sense, and you could put some more pictures and detail in the slide to allow the audience to learn more about you.

Alena Lentz (Student 2020)
Alena Lentz

The orange and black create contrast and the text is very easy to read. I personally think that you should write your reflection in paragraph form rather than a list.

Joshua Henry (Student 2020)
Joshua Henry

The slide has a appealing orange back round and black text contrast. I understand where you are coming from with the Kanye West idea but I feel like if you added the flag in the middle it would catch the viewers eye more.

Oluwatobiloba Adebayo (Student 2020)
Oluwatobiloba Adebayo

I understand your idea behind making your slide. but I want you to rethink taking some things out of the slide in order to let it be clear. I feel it has to many things, but yet agian it does reprsent you.