Media Fluency Reflection

Screen Shot 2016-12-23 at 9.34.49 AM
Screen Shot 2016-12-23 at 9.34.49 AM

After receiving my criticism from the class and Ms. Hull I reevaluated my slide. This experience made me learn that you have to know what youre talking about before presenting. I am a very anxious person who has can have trouble presenting in front of others, so this project allowed me to step out of my comfort zone, because of that anxiousness I prepared a lot for my slide. At the beginning I believed that this project was going to be more opinion based and personal but I realized that it is more about the rules of design. The rules that I took away from this project the most were, the rule of thirds, the importance of contrast, how to use empty space and how depth has an impact. Ms.Hull told me that that I should make the wording larger and take away the line through the middle. I did make the text significantly larger and changed the font but I left the line because it is a really important piece of me and my slide. It represents my split personality, how I act around others on one side and how I act around myself on the other. Another change that I made was based off of Simon's criticism. She said that I should change the quote to have the same amount of words on both sides of the line. Instead of doing that I found a new quote that has the same amount of letters on both side, I did this by splitting the is across the line, meaning that the I is on the left side of the line and the S is on the right. I also used the already placed lines in the image to create a grid effect, so I could place the quote in the rule of thirds after hearing Ziva's comment. I also adjusted the brightness and saturation of the image to make my slide have more contrast and to let the quote stand out more. I am glad that I was able to present in front of the whole class because it allowed me to see how much more research I should have done. The research I did was more centered around colors, depth and texture when I should have focused more on the placement of my slide factors. It is so important to research your info at the beginning of a project so you don't create a mess. And if you don’t create a mess and you know the research and vocab than you won't make a fool of yourself. In conclusion the research was the most important part of this project because it allowed you to understand what is right and wrong when designing something.

Comments (16)

Monie Duong (Student 2020)
Monie Duong

I believe that your changes have made your slide more balanced or symmetrical. Your reflection shows how you took people's comments into consideration when you improved your slide.

Maya Kohl (Student 2020)
Maya Kohl

Your slide is so nice to just look at there is so much detail but you presented it in a not cluttered way! The black lines and white text was a wise choice.

David Hammond (Student 2020)
David Hammond

Your slide has definitely evolved since the first one. The contrast that you brought out between the leaves and the bridge is very visually appealing. I thing that the line in the middle and the i on top of the line are battling for attention and it is very distracting. Besides that the slide is great.

Justin Peccina (Student 2020)
Justin Peccina

The rule of thirds is very evident here, especially with the black line. I think keeping it in was a good choice because of what you were trying to represent. However, I do agree with Derek that the letter "i" is annoying, and takes my attention away from the beautiful scene. If you could, I would find a way to keep the quote while not putting a letter dead in the center of the black line. I do still believe this is a great improvement. Good job!

Charles Langley (Student 2020)
Charles Langley

You use the rule of thirds very nicely because your slide really grabs the viewer's attention. Also your picture of your slide has that inward effect that makes all the more engaging.

Derek Jordan (Student 2020)
Derek Jordan

I think the symmetry and color in this photo makes the slide great. Although, I think it is somewhat irritating with the letter "i" directly on the line in the middle.

Emma Vass (Student 2020)
Emma Vass

The symmetry of the slide is really beautiful. The changes that you made with the text were a really big improvement as well; it makes the slide much more balanced.

Mia Concepcion (Student 2020)
Mia Concepcion

This slide shows clearly that you took your feedback and put it to use. The text is very pleasing because it is not as rigid and bland. It has more flow to it now. I also think it is interesting how you brightened up the picture, because it highlights the green leaves and blue bridge much more. You seemed to take the criticism and truly make your slide as improved as you could. Keeping the black line was a wise decision, because I do get the idea that you are trying to show two different sides of you, and the theme of the unknown is really presented well throughout the entire slide.

Emmett Tsai-McCarthy (Student 2020)
Emmett Tsai-McCarthy

I like the background and the decision to make the text white helped it pop out. By using the "Rule of Thirds", you made the slide symmetrical and pleasant to look at. The back line down the middle seemed kind of unneeded since it doesn't represent anything else in the slide. It's also the reason I couldn't focus on the text because it was so distracting.

Emma Risher (Student 2020)
Emma Risher

The contrast that you added makes the slide a lot stronger! I still think the line in the middle is a little unnecessary, but you used symmetry a lot more effectively in this slide. I can tell you improved a lot.

Mary Lamb (Student 2020)
Mary Lamb

Wow! Your slide was already great before, but this slide shows that you took our criticism and were able to do something with it. I appreciate the contrast between the text and the background, and everything is almost perfectly symmetrical.