Media Fluency V2: Shaheed W.

Tech-Media Fluency (1)
This is my new slide after receiving well-spoken critiques. The biggest change to my slide was the background because my previous one wasn't interesting. My new background contains various blue colors to compliment the font while not stealing all the attention away from the words. My second change was the amount of words I had in my poem which I reduced by half. The reason for this change was due to the fact that the poem was too long to keep anyone's attention which was said by the audience. I learned that so much idea and expression can be told by one well designed slide. Doing research is very important on a project because knowing what to do and how to do it will make things a whole lot easier. 

Comments (9)

Mayah Gold (Student 2020)
Mayah Gold

The colors all contrast well together, because they are all cold color. However, there are so many words, so I don't really see a point of focus. Overall, I would give you a 85.

Orlando Irizarry (Student 2020)
Orlando Irizarry

Shaheed you slide is very unique. your slide fit right because it fouses on what topic. SOmething that i would do that would be better for your slide is that all the worlds are really not necessary because i mean it pointless. You should add pictures

Asnain Khan (Student 2020)
Asnain Khan

This slide works well because the colors contrast with the background, but there's too many words, maybe use images. Use images to get your point across faster, it seems much better.

Donald Moses (Student 2020)
Donald Moses

NIce work with contrasts but I think the color of the text doesn't work well with the background as the texts sort of blends with the background at the top.

Siarra Cummings (Student 2020)
Siarra Cummings

Maybe take away some of the words. When people glance at it they might not be able to see all of them because they are driving. Also contrast your the colors of your words and the background.