Mi Rutina Diaria

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Pilar, Pedro y Susana

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Klarissa Hudson (Student 2015)
Klarissa Hudson
  • could speak louder so it's clearer of what you're saying
  • nice music
  • too obvious that you were reading from the screen; Pedro had the reflection in his glasses
  • awesome that you actually went through the steps and cooked the food instead of just finding pictures
  • really nice video in general
  • nice emotion and enthusiasm from the clips of making the food
Niyala Brownlee (Student 2014)
Niyala Brownlee

I think the acting it out was nice but at the beginning and during the video, the music was a bit distracting and was louder than the voices at some point. Nice sequence though and nice video.

Darya Nemati (Student 2015)
Darya Nemati

I loved your instrucional video! The music was a great touch, it was entertaining and all vocabulary was used correctly. I also loved the video clips of making the food. Great Job!

Lisa Kang (Student 2015)
Lisa Kang

I think that the music in the background worked well in your video. I think that it could have been a bit softer so that we could hear what your saying better. Good job!

Jennysha Cruz (Student 2015)
Jennysha Cruz

The music in the beginning was a little over the dudes voice, the music following afterwards was pretty god though. Very entertaining. Only thing I would want for you guys to change is trying to pronounce words more clearly.