Mi Rutina Diaria

‚ÄčLicha Silverman
Blanca Cruz
Alicia Rothwell


Comments (14)

Melanie Harrington (Student 2015)
Melanie Harrington

Very good pronunciations. It look as though you focused most of your attention on the script. Also, the video was a little ahead of the sound especially for Alicia's part. Very nice job guys!

Jordan Hairston (Student 2014)
Jordan Hairston

I like your video. This is more of a conversational video. The way that the spanish words were pronounced could have been better, however, I think that this video gives good instructions and advice.

Klarissa Hudson (Student 2015)
Klarissa Hudson
  • sound is way faster than the video
  • liked that it was live and not all pictures
  • facing screen not each other like a real Q&A
  • can see the screen in Alicia's glasses
  • maybe practice lines a bit more
  • good concept and vocabulary