Mi Rutina Diaria Benchmark

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By: Mario Feliciano, Tomas Polite, & Catalina Hudson

Comments (15)

Melanie Harrington (Student 2015)
Melanie Harrington

Very nice video. The pronunciation of everything sounded great, but next time try and talk a little slower so it's easier to follow along. The pictures are helpful in understanding what you are saying , but it would have been nice if there were so physical demonstrations through out the video. Nice job guys!

Jordan Hairston (Student 2014)
Jordan Hairston

The pronunciation of the words in the beginning of the video was great, however they were spoken too fast.This is a great video to make an instructional video to and the instructions are easy to follow.

Jennysha Cruz (Student 2015)
Jennysha Cruz

Pictures matching along with what you were saying works great. Overall I think the topic you guys picked was interesting even though we researched it in class no one formally did a presentation on it. Speech was clear.

Lisa Kang (Student 2015)
Lisa Kang

Your accents were great and I understood what you were saying. I think that you could have also be in the video instead of just having your voice but it's just a suggestion. Great job!