Pet Ownership

  In America 62% of households have a pet cat or dog, that’s about 4 out of every ten homes. About 26,874,879 pets were bought in 2009, and about 2-3 million are adopted. There are 5-7 million cats and dogs put into shelters a year, 70% cats and 60% dogs. Yet there are still people going out and buying pure-breads. When you can go give a pet a home and spend a lot less. Why is this?


  A lot of these animals are lost and less than 2% are not returned to there owners and put in shelters. 25% of the dogs in shelters are pure-breads, which is what most people want. Even though that the science shows that mix-breads are healthier.


  There are protest a most pet stores trying to stop people from going in the stores and buying pets. The biggest concern is about people buying dogs from stores, because of the U.S puppy mills. Puppy Mills are a place were people bread female dogs so they can sell them to pet stores then the pet stores sell them to people. They keep the dogs in cages stacked on top of another, and they don’t clean them. The worse part about all of this is when the female dog can’t have puppies any more they just neglect her until she dies.)

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Aaron Tang (Student 2015)
Aaron Tang

I notice that there were some visual to support the essay. I also notice that she added some real facts. I wonder when she added more information about the cause and the affect. What if she added some videos for animal cruelty.