By: Isabella Tognini, Aja Wallace, Siani Widman
Photo on 12-15-11 at 12.00 PM
Photo on 12-15-11 at 12.00 PM

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Abraham Musselman (Student 2013)
Abraham Musselman

I like that the rockets are aimed at a ethnically eclectic group. It shows that we're everyone's friend,but we're prepared to launch an attack against anyone from whom we perceive a threat.

Jamelia Barrett (Student 2013)
Jamelia Barrett

I love the Exaggeration of how the how there was a lot U.S bomb and the people with out the limbs is the after effects of the bomb going of in the different countries and the people that was bomb was civilian that are doctors etc.


It looks like a cycle. Very interesting in how you decided to present pre-emption. The who thing at the end with the media telling the public what is happening can also relate to blow back.