Printed Word

​Just me. So, without further ado, the second quarter benchmark.
The link to the place where stuff can be found.

Enjoy. ^^

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Tyler Morales (Student 2013)
Tyler Morales

I really enjoyed reading your benchmark and thought it was interesting. There were two or three times that i had to double take on what you said so when your looking your benchmark over maybe you should read it out loud to yourself.

Vincent Russell (Student 2013)
Vincent Russell

I found the topic to be subtle and vague in the project. Although, I did enjoy it and it did bring out the importance of newspaper and evolution of writing. The writing in the project was good as always, but it would be better if you added a bit more content. Overall, it was very nice.

Marley Utzig (Student 2013)
Marley Utzig

This is a really cool and simple topic it is hard to think like life before the written word and it really is a huge revolution. Also while reading these articles I thought well there would be no reason for these articles with out the printed word. For the reform what do you think about the fact that printed word is loosing standing because online articles are becoming popular and instead of writing and distributing important news like wars and such the big news is "Katy Perry stopped following Russel Brand on Twitter" It is a great project and you really get into the topic.

Olivia Smith (Student 2013)
Olivia Smith

i totally agree with catherine. i think this is an amazing project! like she said, you really wrote as if you were there and made it really noticeable that you put 100% into this project! i love the pictures, quotes and how you explain what each part meant and how it effected the next article. great job(:

Sergey Kuznetsov (Student 2013)
Sergey Kuznetsov

That is a very interesting project. I have to say that you definitely worked on it. I saw very little misstakes, and really, you wrote as if (what are the odds of that right?) you knew all your information. My only suggestion would be to change the font of… everything! The font makes it a little harder (not in a "omg this is so hard" but in a sort of uncomfortable way) to read, but other than that, your project was really interesting!

Catherine Nardone (Student 2013)
Catherine Nardone

Annisa, I really liked your project. Especially the first article about the revolution of the newspaper The New York Journal. You really put yourself into the article and wrote as if you were really there. I liked it a lot. In addition to that, I like that you wrote an article about a newspaper. I thought that that was pretty funny and ironic at the same time.