Reflection on Media Fluency

I learned a lot about how to make a good advertisement. I learned about contrast, the rule of thirds, and a lot about making a presentation that's attention grabbing. For my second slide I realized I needed a lot more free space and to remove a lot of the text and images while keeping what's important that stands out on the slide. The changes I made don't entirely exspress me, but they get my main point off, while keeping a lot of free space and the text running along the side lines following the rule of thirds. I also used a more intriguing font and made the text much larger so it's easier to read.
Researching about how to make good advertisements is something that is easy to do and helpful when making your own. Advertisements are around us all the time and we usually always end up looking at one or another, and by looking at those advertisements after researching about them allows you to see how much these big companies follow these tricks and techniques. Researching I feel is very important not only for the advertisement, but when presenting and using this knowledge it seems more professional and makes the person seem more articulate.

Comments (8)

Samera Baksh (Student 2020)
Samera Baksh

I really like how you used to different shades of purple. The quote you used really stood out to me. I think it would be better if you used a different font so it is easier to read but good job.

Derek Jordan (Student 2020)
Derek Jordan

This is much better than your last slide. I do think that you still have have a few too many words. Also, I think you should just make the whole thing one color instead of splitting it into two parts.

Mia Concepcion (Student 2020)
Mia Concepcion

I believe you made a well thought-out choice to get rid of the many different pictures that were on your slide. Now there is a bit more harmony and flow, and not as much packed into one slide. It is also very understandable now, and not so confusing. A final suggestion would be to not make all the text purple tones, because it starts to blend together. This doesn't completely present contrast, so more contrast would improve the design. The text is also not as large and therefore not easy to read. Overall, there is much improvement seen from your previous slide.

Justin Peccina (Student 2020)
Justin Peccina

I can tell that you really worked on changing your slide You removed the whole right side, which makes it look less cluttered while still keeping the important parts. However, I do agree with Maren that the list is kind of unnecessary. It's a lot to read, and I know a lot of people would sadly not want to take time to read all of what you wrote.

Also, to me, the colors compliment each other well. It's easy to look at and does not strain the eyes.

Mary Lamb (Student 2020)
Mary Lamb

I think you made great strides in improving your slide. You simplified it and narrowed down the point you were trying to get across. I still think you could do without the list. It's hard to read and it doesn't convey your message at a glance. Overall, great job.

Nhu Lai (Student 2020)
Nhu Lai

The text on the right side is really hard to really because it too small and the color it kind similar to the background. But over all is great.

Arthur LaBan (Student 2020)
Arthur LaBan

I think that eliminating a lot of the clutter really helped your slide, and that was a big improvement. I think you could still cut out on some of the text because it is a lot to read for people who pass by. Your reflection really showed your process.