Sexual Assault in Africa

Hello, my name is Sophie De Oliveira. I go to the wonderful school of Science Leadership Academy. I am a creative, effectual,15 year old. Today i am going to tell you about most intriguing, interesting, and familiar topic I have come across. Not only have I learned more about it in my research recently, but I have been taught varieties of things on this topic ever since i was in middle school. Mostly in my social studies class, and now in my African American History class.

My issue/Topic:

I am going to research on the issue of Rape. Not just any random rape,  Rape in Africa. Specifically on a certain case. I will broaden my research to other tragic sexual harassment cases. It may be known on the news, or a local newspaper as the headline “He raped as a teenager and now works to stop sexual violence in South Africa”. His name is Dumisani Rebombo. He is a advocate for women’s rights. Wait, there’s a catch. He’s a rapist himself.

This project:

  My mission is to find a certain type of current event occurring right now, somewhere in the world and research it and find as much information about as I can. Im going to find out the following:
~What it does, and how it effects me?
~How can I do something to stop this tragedy?
~How it is effecting others?
~Why is it important to me?
I will blog about all of my findings and record every single piece of data I find, just because it might be important in the future. I want to educate, and teach others about my topic, so they can benefit also.

More Information

He was peer pressured into raping his victim as a teenager. At the time, he states,he wasn’t thinking much of the victim, but himself. He wondered if his parents were going to find out, or if it was going make him officially “cool”. This apparently was going to prove his “manly hood”.Rebombo was 15 when he raped.He got drunk, and he smoked before he did it.The boys thought it was funny and recorded the whole rape. As they did it, she pleaded with them to stop. They offered her 25 cents for her silence. He was somewhat nervous because he had never had sex before. The video lasted for 10 minutes and 33 seconds. The girl Rebombo raped never reported what happened and, Rebombo was never charged. “She never even spoke about it with anyone…She was too scared of the consequences,” Rebombo says. As the video  got popular, it got spread very widly, and rapidly and soon fell into the hands of a local newspaper and it was handed over to the police.The group of rapist were soon arrested and taken to court.Many decades later, he sought out to his victim and confronted her and apologized. She broke out in tears, while telling him that not only had it change her life mentally, but physically also.After the incident with Rebombo,She was raped two other times.The mental images still haunt her till this day.

Why I took and interest into this topic:

  I have taken up an interest in this topic because it is so recurring to me. It is always brought up everywhere I go, even when I’m home. When my mother finds out things such as this, she’ll come and tell me about it. I’ve learned about it in my social studies classes, even when I moved on to highschool the percentage of rape has gone up tremendously.I know something needs to be done inorder for stories like this to stop popping up on the news.My mother came rushing into my room one day and said “Did you hear the story of how a 40-year old man raped an 11 month old baby? Now that people have to live in tents there, many men are raping women and children.”
I know that this should be solved in some way, but for now all i can do for myself is get more information



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Aaron Tang (Student 2015)
Aaron Tang

I notice that there were a lot of details about the incident in Africa. There were subtitles for each sections what she talked about. There were also a video for the story. What if she add captions sto each pictures. What if she put the mission section to the introduction?