Spain: Figueiredo, Anderson, Linder and Lazorko Spanish Benchmark. ¿Qué hiciste en el verano?

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Kathryn Kopf (Student 2018)
Kathryn Kopf

Really solid and well-done video, lots of good information. Nice job on the photoshopping, made it look the trip more real. Next time, I would suggest practicing the audio more so you can get better sounding quality and a better flow.

Taytiana Velazquez-Rivera (Student 2018)
Taytiana Velazquez-Rivera

I can tell that you guys worked really hard on this. You guys also put a lot of effort into making the story. Visually this was very nice but the audio is a little like messed up and I know that everyone sounds odd recording themselves but a tip for next time is practice out loud saying things to get a flow then record your self three times saying the same thing then use the best tape.