Technology Presentation: 2 - Asnain Khan


I made my slide look the way it does because of the comments and suggestions I got from my members. Also, I researched more in depth about making a good slide. I basically changed my whole slide, it’s way different from the first one I did. I made sure that the color contrast with the background and that the text is big enough for people to see. Not only that but I chose that background because in one of the websites I researched it said that we should use colorful and eye appealing backgrounds, not just one color. In my first slide I cluttered everything together, things were just all over the slide. I think that I have learned a lot from what people said to me and the research I did. I was told that I should not line things up and I should not let my letters bleed. I think that what they told me was very useful, I learned a lot. Without research and people comments/suggestions you won’t be able to make a great slide. Thank you!

Comments (8)

Siarra Cummings (Student 2020)
Siarra Cummings

The color scheme is appealing to the eye it makes me notice it more noticeable. Also I think you should center your title to make it noticeable first. I noticed the trees first.

Donald Moses (Student 2020)
Donald Moses

The slide works well with the rule of contrasts but I don't think the text should be just white because I don't know if it's just me or the white text doesn't go well with the background

Sara Frunzi (Student 2020)
Sara Frunzi

I would put your name in the middle or top portion of the page, because it gets lost in the background where it is. Other than that, I can't find anything wrong. 95.