The 18th amendment

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Catherine Nardone (Student 2013)
Catherine Nardone

I just wanted to say that I liked the layout of your project. And, I agree with Olivia. I read her comment and I wanted to read hers, so I did, and then I read yours, and I see where she was coming from with the different information. Even though you had some of the same info too, it was interesting to see what you both did with that info. I really enjoyed it! :)

Olivia Smith (Student 2013)
Olivia Smith

hi bethany! we did our project on the same thing! you'r website is really good. very factual. i think something you could do to improve it is that you could put in some pictures to make it more interactive. you'r hyperlinks are really helpful tho! i think that you touched a lot of bases that we didn't so i really enjoyed your project!