The Creative Song of Macbeth

​This song is mostly about Macbeth and his way of ambition to become king of Scotland and Thane of Cawdor. Although, there are some differences of Macbeth, he knows how King Duncan the King of Scotland is a really great king that is really good king to his people. Even though, Macbeth's uses his ambition to become king by killing King Duncan and getting away with it. Now, Macbeth is king but later, people start to learn that we can't trust Macbeth anymore and a noble man name Macduff comes to Macbeth's kingdom and kills him making justice for all. I've made this song to based what I've said about Macbeth in my piece because it really summarizes who Macbeth really is.

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Jessica Guarino (Student 2018)
Jessica Guarino

NATE!!! That was sooooo good. I really liked how you incorporated the transformation of Macbeth. Again, it was really good and creative. Can't wait to hear more of your songs.