The Hydrangea Effect

​Lily, Imani, Kiah, Zoey 

What we talked about :

In the book "The Color Purple" by Alice Walker. We focused on literal and Figurative language. As the podcast begins we started talking about the background of the book and a basic introduction to the main characters. We start focusing on the one character Sophia who shows us that she is very strong and won't take abuse from anyone as Celie does. Zoey brings a quote up that talks about a metaphor that Celie said. She compared herself to a tree. In most of her letters that she writes is metaphors because she may get in trouble for writing the letters. As the talk continues we start to talk about Celie and Netties relationship. When they were separated Nettie said she would write Celie but never did. The last thing that we hit to talk about is"Mr.Blank." We want to know why he doesn't have a name. We felt like it's because she wanted to have her name instead of his. 

Evidence used :

Pg 1-96 

" all my life I had to fight... I never thought that I would have to fight in my own home."
"I make myself wood"

Video :

Comments (7)

Lauren Matthews (Student 2019)
Lauren Matthews

The conversations in this podcast have a flow to it and are more natural. It has some laughter and some serious moments which makes it better for me as the listener. This podcast was cool.

Kyianna Thomas (Student 2019)
Kyianna Thomas

I enjoyed the references you made about shug and how her name was created my the author. The music in the beginning made it really sound like you was preparing to hear a talk show. The conversation sounded natural

William Huang (Student 2019)
William Huang

The music really adds an interesting element to the podcast. I really like how you guys consistently build off each other's contributions and it really felt like a fluid, unadulterated conversation.