The Jash Episode 3

It’s catchy and fun it’s not boring.   
The Jash
by: Sydney Rogers, Israt Jahan, Avi Cantor, Hamidou Doumbia
Episode 3:

In this episode of Jash we will discuss the author intent. we going to have a fun and exciting last episode. We hope you enjoyed The Jash podcast.


Chapter 12-25


Comments (4)

Zoey Tweh (Student 2019)
Zoey Tweh

The music, in the beginning, is nice, Avi gives a helpful summary, I appreciate that there were explanations throughout to help the listener understand the topics discussed. Jahan made some interesting points about how Afghanistan is portrayed.

Leo Cassel-Siskind (Student 2019)
Leo Cassel-Siskind

You guys were fun to listen to. I like the points Sydney brought up because I feel like it added depth to the conversation. You guys did a good job of keeping it interesting to listen to.

William Huang (Student 2019)
William Huang

I like the music at the beginning, but it was a really rough cut off. Avi sounds really excited! Really thorough summary, I was able to get a pretty good sense of what happened.