The JSHow: Episode 1

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The JSHow
by Jacobo Pastor, Shana Bergmann, and Harlem Satterfield

Episode 1: And a Bottle of Rum

Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island is filled to the brim with secrets and discoveries. Even in the first few chapters, there's plenty of plot and story to enjoy. Join Jacobo, Shana, and Harlem as talk about the book's literal and figurative aspects as well as their experiences with it.

Evidence Used
Chapters 1-4, including pg. 4 and pg. 13

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Comments (6)

Alan Li (Student 2019)
Alan Li

I like the introduction to the podcast. For me, it feels enjoyable to listen to the podcast when there is an interesting introduction that would grab my attention. Besides the introduction, I think the podcast explained Treasure Island very well.

Kyianna Thomas (Student 2019)
Kyianna Thomas

This podcast was was clover and I enjoyed listening to it so much. I like the way u sighted the song and the lyrics. The flow of your podcast was interesting but u can tell that it was planned out.

James Adams (Student 2019)
James Adams

I like the intro. You start off the podcast in a very interesting way. It makes it seem like you planned out your talking points before you started which creates a cohesive podcast.