The Parker Podcast - Life of Pi by Yann Martel Ep. 3

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Oluwadamilola Akinboro (Student 2022)
Oluwadamilola Akinboro

I like that you gave clear context for the story so listeners can try to be invested in what you're saying. You also gave some interesting insights regarding the plot. And good job at connecting the author and his creative intentions to the actual book so people can understand his perspective.

Ryan Hogan (Student 2022)
Ryan Hogan

The intro sounded way better than the last one. The explanation of the book was good and it didn’t make it confusing. There are still echoing in the audio but otherwise it was really good.

Sarah Narvaez (Student 2022)
Sarah Narvaez

You guys did really well in this podcast staying really focused. Yall spoke with intent, were prepared, and brought up many well points. Ella you did really well with leaving room for Teron to speak while also bringing up valuable context and analysis. Teron you did really well with citing the book and just explaining your analysis in really practical way. Great job both of yall!

Oskar Glahn (Student 2022)
Oskar Glahn

The insight behind the reading wraps up the episodes well. Looking at the author's intent behind certain events in the story really brought out some interesting takeaways from the book.