U.S. & Nicaragua; 1909 - 1933

I anted to focus on U.S. interactions with a South American country. When I did research I found out that the United States had several interaction with Nicaragua. I focused on the years 1909 to 1933 because there was a U.S. military presence in Nicaragua during all those years. The U.S. interacted with Nicaragua because it wanted to help control who was president, and wether the liberal or conservative party was in control of the Nicaraguan Government.

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Esperanza Gonzalez (Student 2016)
Esperanza Gonzalez

Hey! I really liked the selection of colors you used. I also really liked that the way that you summarized what you were trying to say. Too many words tend to be very annoying, however, this wasn't the case. Very good!

Joshua Berg (Student 2016)
Joshua Berg

You stole our design! Looks nice and I like the way you presented your facts, the problem was that I didn't understand what you were actually saying with those numbers. Some awkward phrasing and could have done with a bit more content. Nice job.

Lauren Hummel (Student 2016)
Lauren Hummel

The information you presented about the troops in Nicaragua was very clear and aesthetically pleasing. It was also goo to see the improvement since I peer-edited! The reasoning being their involvement was clear, I just wish there was a little more information being represented with images. Overall, good, clean infographic!!!