U.S. Involvement in Iran (1910-2015)

U.S. involvement in Iran Infograph
Between the years 1911, when an Morgan Shuster (an American) was made treasurer of Iran, and 2015 the relationship between the U.S. and Iran has been constantly evolving and altering. I was interested in exploring this political tie and this large spans of time because of its complexity and overall impact on both of the nations. Covering these 115 years reveals how drastic these changes actually were and the motives of the U.S. over the past century, which are displayed in the infographic.   

Comments (2)

Joshua Berg (Student 2016)
Joshua Berg

I love the way you analyzed and chose to present your information. I like that it was you who had analyzed it and it showed in your writing. You were sparse with words, but still conveyed information. I hate the font choice for the title and the key, but the rest looks awesome. Great work.

August Polite (Student 2016)
August Polite

I liked how your infographic used an abridged timeline to tell the story of your event. It makes a lot of sense to me and is easy to understand. I think that there might be a surplus of pie charts, it looks a bit repetitive. Overall, a well designed and informative project.