U.S And China Economic Relationship

Our info-graphic will teach you about some of the history between America and China's economy. There is also some interesting facts and statistics that you might not have known about. I don't fully remember how Me and Hannah came to this topic decision. However, this topic related with the spanish american war and the conquest of Philippines which helped us get started on what and what time period we wanted to focus on.  

Comments (3)

Jasmin Gilliam (Student 2016)
Jasmin Gilliam

I love the flow of this infographic it goes to show that guiding a viewers eye can go a long way. I learned a lot about the way the U.S. is involved in China and the different ways we get our goods.

Anna Sugrue (Student 2016)
Anna Sugrue

I learned lots of interesting numbers about the economic relationship between the U.S and China. I loved the color scheme and the clear flow to your information. I would have liked to see a little more about how and why the economic relationship between China and US has changed since the Philippine-American War.