Daria Nemati
Leonora Hairston
Ricardo Black
Licha Silverman

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Niyala Brownlee (Student 2014)
Niyala Brownlee

I didn't particularly enjoy the color at the top of the website but a lot of people would appreciate the uniqueness. While some were a bit blurry, I liked the pictures. It was a nice modern website. I enjoyed it.

Klarissa Hudson (Student 2015)
Klarissa Hudson
  • I really liked your website
  • The pictures and writing was cool
  • i was really surprised when I saw the table of contents and mission statements
  • It was very realistic & I would pay the 3.89 for it.
Melanie Harrington (Student 2015)
Melanie Harrington

Very nice layout. There's not too much to read but just enough to get and idea of what the magazine is all about. I like it a lot :) keep up the good work! I would suggest adding pictures of each person next to their "los datos personales"