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Niyala Brownlee (Student 2014)
Niyala Brownlee

I liked how the website was formatted. Though while the multicolored words is interesting, it gets a bit annoying at points. I agree with Melanie on the fact that the theme is unclear. All in all, nice website.

Marshall Woodruff (Student 2015)
Marshall Woodruff

It was organized, though it kind of looked a little disorganized on some of the pages. I thought there could have been a bit of a theme to go with the website because just a white background isn't as interesting as adding a fun theme to it. Nice job though.

Melanie Harrington (Student 2015)
Melanie Harrington

Good job :) It was simple and easy for a view to follow. The only thing I suggest is to add writing to the revlon page. The theme is a little unclear but other than that good job :)