What's Right or Wrong in this World?- Brendan Hall

Brendan Hall

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 November 2, 2017


What’s right or wrong in this world?

Morality means choosing the correction actions. However, when fully delving into the concept ethical behavior many will come to find out that virtue seeking typically leads into more questions than answers. How does the surrounding world impacts moral decisions? This is an essential question due to how moral standards have changed over time. Morality is also heavily based on people’s intentions. Since this is the case, how will the world ever discover an objective measurement to such a subjective based topic? How do people assure that their teachings are accurate and equal to every person? The answer to these questions are that there is no measurement for an answer to exist. Since Morality cannot be objectively measured, moral standards are simply a reflection on what their time period allowed them to do and has not fully evolved.

The idea of morality can best be summarized by socrates, “A system of morality which is based on relative emotional values is a mere illusion, a thoroughly vulgar conception which has nothing sound in it and nothing true.” Human history proves this quote to be accurate because morality has changed but never been able to be completely objective in practice. An example of this is the Aztec Empire during the 13th Century. A common ritual practiced by the Aztec Empire was human sacrifice, and some of the rituals of human sacrifice were turned into meals. If one were to fast forward into the 21st Century in the United States they would most likely find the vast majority being against human beings being killed and eaten. . However, many influential restaurants in the United States glorify meat products. It is conceivable to assume that the consumers of these meat products are against human slaughter for food. This is a clear double standard that exists within American society, and is allowed due to the fact it is unpopular to against something normal in that culture. If morality was objective, then human beings would be just as upset at the slaughter of animals for food the same way they are at humans. However, this is an era where humans view themselves as superior to other living beings. This thought process illustrates how morality is a reflection of popular opinion instead of logic and reason.   

Another movement in the history of humankind  that has been mostly frowned upon in first world countries is slavery. Even countries such as the United States, who once had slaves have the majority of people, now deem it cruel and inhumane. Many people living in today’s age even believe that they would have been an abolitionists if they had lived back in that time period.  However, What Americans tend to overlook is the products they receive partially due to international slave labor. According to Yahoo Finance there have been nearly three million Chinese people working slave labor to produce designer handbags and electronics to the United States. The outrage that exists about these unfair circumstances are overshadowed by the excitement for new products in common situations. Despite the overall rejection of slavery that exists within the perimeter of the U.S. there is relatively little change to be seen. The products created by these slave wages still sell incredible numbers. Gucci a company that use these workers, are worth a $12.7 billion dollars (forbes) partially due to negligence from people. A situation such as this displays the lack of objectivity and self awareness that usually exists in morality. This situation further proves that morality cannot ever be objective and it is just a reflection of the moral standards that existed in that time period.

In conclusion, morality is a concept that has puzzled even the greatest people for an entire lifetime. However, most of the deception comes from people that are unaware the deception even exists. Although people who are tolerant of society’s moral tolerance might not think that morality matters much its influence goes beyond right and wrong to human’s ability to live free and the ability to make judgements that produce a functioning society where people are less selfish.This is true because many people are fearful of being considered immoral due to the beliefs that are instilled by peers. If everyone would take a closer inspection they would understand that there is no objective measurement for morality and they are being controlled by hypocritical standards.


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Comments (6)

Afi Koffi (Student 2019)
Afi Koffi

Truthfully, this 2fer didn't convince me. I think that you're juggling with two ideas here. On one hand, it's about morality being measured by what society deems acceptable. On the other hand, it deals with the idea that the more things change, the more they stay the same. I feel like your paper is more the second idea. I especially like the idea that slavery is condemned today, but people will continue to interact with companies that are known to use cheap labor.

Matthew Reed (Student 2019)
Matthew Reed

The 2fer expanded my thinking on how the Aztecs would kill and eat their people. I noticed how you compared it to how we eat meat today. I never really thought about it in that way.

Ashton Reigner (Student 2019)
Ashton Reigner

This 2fer taught me a lot about the idea of morality through human history. It expanded my thinking by leading me to find my own examples of morality differences in history and people. The only question I have after reading this is how much did you focus on the content rather than the grammar and wording of some sentences?

Shamus Keough (Student 2019)
Shamus Keough

I enjoyed your paper, It made me see morality in a different way. It was a new way to look at morality, and a new way to think that you don't fully control your morality. You could also tell that you researched this paper from the facts you put in, like what you wrote about the Aztec empire.

Nzinga Suluki-Bey (Student 2019)
Nzinga Suluki-Bey

I wonder how you feel about yourself being immoral. This paper made me see morality in a different light because it was always a religious understanding not an outside world thing.