With Love

Favorite Spot: Schuylkill River Loop/Trail

Neighborhood: Center City 

I am, a high school senior about to move on to UPenn

Years in Philly: my whole life

Current Home: Roxborough/Manayunk

Dear Philadelphia,

Of all places I love to run, it has to be along your scuzzy Schuylkill River.

I know this path backwards and forwards with my eyes closed. It's there for me when it snows in October and is 90 degrees in February, for a long run or a short one. It has seen me during my best intervals and worst hill repeats. 

While it might flood every now and then or play host to annoying regattas crowding the trail, it's seen my through training for every race I've done. It's the watering hole for amateur and season runners serving a purpose- an occasionally challenging, dependable route with mile markers and drinking fountains along the way (spring to the end of fall, anyway).

My favorite thing along this route is the angels- Three Angels, actually. Really called Playing Angels, they are huge statue angels on high pillars on the banks of the river at the junction of Kelly and Fountain Green Drives. I use them as a mile marker, a rest stop and a lot of time--motivation. I repeat mantras about just getting to 'The Angels' to complete difficult runs. At one time, getting to them was the farthest I'd ever run.

It's an escape from schoolwork and busy city life without going too far from you at all. 

With love,



Comments (3)

Claire Elliot (Student 2013)
Claire Elliot

I like the fact that I can really hear your voice in this letter, and we can really tell what you love about the path, and what can sometimes be maddening. I think my favorite part is the first paragraph, it really kinda sais it all. The effort you put in and the Constance of the path. Good work.

Jessica Hinton (Student 2013)
Jessica Hinton

This was really nice! Being that I've just started running on this trail for gym, I can totally agree that this is a nice place. Maybe I'll make it to 'The Angels' on a run one day!