Bee's Cancion

The purpose of the project was to write a song about where you're from. Where your family's from, where you live, anything in general - as long as it has to do with YOU. 

I'm proud of being able to write it out and understand where my family is from. We've been all over the place, but it's what makes my family unique. 

If I could do this over again, I would probably learn how to sing beforehand. I sing horribly, but that brings us to the next problem - I didn't have a instrumental in mind. I wrote out the lyrics and then decided to find a song, but that didn't work considering my lyrics didn't go with it. I then had to change my lyrics while recording. So next time, I'd plan this out better. 


Mi familia vino de Asia.

Soy de Scranton y Filadelfia.


Mi mamá es muy joven

yo tengo dos hermanos.

Mi familia es muy raro 

nos gustamos las comidas 

Mi familia está muy grande  

todo por el mundo.

Yo tengo dos hermanas

y yo tengo dos hermanos 

Soy estás mas viejos. 


Mi familia está muy grande

todo por el mundo.

Te gusta un reunión familiar - mi familia es muy cómica.

Si mi nombre es Bee, 

yo no puedo cantar

Este es el final

yo estoy muy mal. 


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