Charles Langley Media fluency reflection

Tech class (8)
I learned that if you don’t do research then your slide and how you present it will be bad because you won’t have the knowledge to make the slide look good. I also learned that it pays to do research and it helps gain confidence to what your saying to a big group. I improved my slide by using the rule of thirds to my advantage by putting a question mark in the middle. I also tried to fill the other parts of negative space so you could clearly see what was filled and what is waiting to be filled. Also if you don’t have research then your screwed because you will just walk and present and then not know what to say and not meet the requirements that the teacher or professor wants.

Comments (10)

Justin Peccina (Student 2020)
Justin Peccina

Although the slide still seems crowded, I think it works better here. I don't know why, but it seems to me like the crowded nature of the slide actually contributes to the overall slide here. Like Lamar said, it is easier to see the pictures. One thing I would say could improve is the fact that a lot of the pictures don't match in color. When you have so many pictures, I think it is better to find a color scheme, because it will be easier to focus on everything instead of staring at the brightest colors.

Yusef Jamaladdin (Student 2020)
Yusef Jamaladdin

I think that you did a great job improving the slide. There's still a lot of images, and they don't really go together. Maybe try and choose images that look like each other in some way. Also, maybe not so many images.

Emmett Tsai-McCarthy (Student 2020)
Emmett Tsai-McCarthy

As much as I like this slide, the nit-picky side of me wants to say it's not exactly an improvement to your old slide. You may have added the question mark to represent what else is inside, but without those connecting lines, it looks just like a bunch of pictures were just put on a page. Something you could've done was put YOUR picture in the middle and everything else branching off from you.

Mary Lamb (Student 2020)
Mary Lamb

This slide is such and improvement from your first one! The placing of the pictures seems purposeful and they all come together to make one big picture. I wish you had tried to incorporate a color scheme, because all the white photos blend together to make a sort of weird shape. Also, I can't read the text at the bottom.

Salvatori Camarote (Student 2020)
Salvatori Camarote

I agree with Arthur that the slides feels very cluttered still, there doesn't seem to be a lot of negative space. I feel the images are a bit squashed and unnecessary as well, but I feel the color scheme has been improved and some of the placement.

Nhu Lai (Student 2020)
Nhu Lai

Nice job on improving your slide. Some of the sample is not go together really well because the have different color. But it show me who you are.

John Eagen (Student 2020)
John Eagen

In your new slide you did a good job contrasting the pictures from other pictures. You also learned your lesson on not doing research and I think now you are better off.

Arthur LaBan (Student 2020)
Arthur LaBan

I think that it feels a little cluttered to me still. The rule of thirds really helps your slide though, it feels much more organized to me. Your reflection really shows your process through this project.

Lamar Reed (Student 2020)
Lamar Reed

Nice job on improving your slide from last time. Your new and improved slide looks less cluttered and I can see the pictures more clearly. I am also interested on how you touched up on how not researching can set you up for failure so you should research so you can feel more confident and know what you're doing. Nice job on improving your slide and the reflection paragraph!