''Crossing boundaries for love'' by Sarybel Meléndez

           What is true love? What are you capable to do for true love? Can true love make you cross any boundaries? Carmen Carrion, a 45 yr old woman from Puerto Rico will tell us the story about when she found the love of her life, and even though it wasn’t exactly the perfect one, she decided to cross the boundaries in order to stay with him. 

Reflection: What different things did you learn or realize while doing this project?

I learned so many things. First, I learned more about my mom’s story. I knew some things about it, but not the whole story with details. I realized how much impact this had in my mom’s life. Also, I learned how to work with Garage Band, which is pretty cool.


As a deep understanding of this project, I learned that sometimes ‘’crossing the boundaries’’ is not bad, and that you should always follow your heart. My mom didn’t follow her's, and now she’s paying the consequences. Overall, this was a great project and I learned tons of things. The experience of doing my first interview ever was really fun. 

Final English Podcast

Comments (7)

Joshua Melendez (Student 2014)
Joshua Melendez

i like how your mom was really friendly in the pod cast and how your mom explained her story. Which made me want to finish the pod cast because she was a really good story taller. Also i like the topic you did your project on. Great job!!

Tyanna Pleasant (Student 2014)
Tyanna Pleasant

I did not get to listen to your whole podcast unfortunately. Not it was great and yes your mommy did cross boundaries messing with the married man but it was nice. The crazy things peopel do for love.! :D

Aazimah Muhammad (Student 2014)
Aazimah Muhammad

Good job Syrabel, your mother had a great story to tell. The length was perfect, and the way she answered the questions were great. The music in the background was good too, because it was just enough so that you weren't a lonely voice, and it make the podcast a good one.

Keyaira Doughty (Student 2014)
Keyaira Doughty

I love the music in the background it fits the setting of this story that your mother went through. Also the enthusiasm that your mother gives and how passionate she is about her story helped me pay attention closer to the story. Good job :)

Jalen Smith (Student 2014)
Jalen Smith

After listening to this podcast I felt as though this was a good lesson. This podcast was a very interesting because a lot of people go through this problem. I feel as though many people should listen to this podcast so that they could learn what things they should do when they come across problems like these. Very good Sarybel.