Crossing The Pain Boundary

‚ÄčThere are a lot of extreme sports out there, and a lot of opportunities to get hurt in the process. but what drives people to take part in those sports even though they could get hurt. During this podcast, I explore that question. 

Link to the audio file can be found here.

I think that I had some strong attributes in terms of producing this podcast due to my previous experience in digital video production, It was fairly easy for me to record good audio for this project.

The interviews were pretty relaxed since they were with other students like me. It was fun to learn about other peoples experiences and get to talk to them for this project.

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Nia Hammond (Student 2015)
Nia Hammond

The audio quality was really good, and also there were lots of details in each interview and I like how there was stopping yourself from doing a bad decision (even if it's too late) because of fear.