Don't Look

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Kimberly Gucciardi-Kriegh (Student 2019)
Kimberly Gucciardi-Kriegh

I really liked your story! I liked that we did not find out what was happening to them or why they were being chased. The beginning of the story reminded me of a school shooting and I really felt the suspense and anxiety.

Avraham Cantor (Student 2019)
Avraham Cantor

LAUUURENNN THIS JAWN HOTTTT. The suspense that you build is incredible and grips the reader and doesn't let them go until the story ends. The characters are really well developed and that dude Ari Cantor seems like a great guy.

Afi Koffi (Student 2019)
Afi Koffi

I think your story was well put together. There was background and suspense. Also, I like the connection to the school. This reminds me of what happened yesterday with the fire alarm.