Laughterhouse 5 - Book Club Podcast #1

​In our first podcast, titled Laughterhouse 5, we start to discuss the literal and figurative meanings of the book. Deciding to delve into the more contextual and chronological aspects of the book, we have more of a focus on the main character, Billy Pilgrim. There are no clear winners because of the fact that there is only Billy, but if anyone's the loser then it is his friend Roland, which he killed. 

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John Sugrue (Student 2019)
John Sugrue

After listening to a couple other podcasts, I feel like you guys have also nailed the casual discussion - you're talking about important things - themes, etc, yet also cracking jokes and maintaining a less serious tone.

Benjamin Seing (Student 2019)
Benjamin Seing

The podcast, in general, is very well made. It was very energetic and had a lot of content. Some of the things I learned was that everyone was talking about the book content but also the facts and theories around it. Talking about mental health, therapy, etc. was very interesting. They also reference other books or outside resources.

Wedage DeSilva (Student 2019)
Wedage DeSilva

Now, this is what I call comedy gold. You all chime in well and the atmosphere is great. I read this book last year and it's really cool to see others interpretations of the book. Mainly because I love theorizing things, not just anything theory… A GaMe ThEoRy

Amelia Benamara (Student 2019)
Amelia Benamara

What first stick out to me was the title of the podcast, and I knew it was going to be good! The events of the book were very clearly described, especially what makes each character different from one another. I enjoyed the flow of this podcast, it was relaxing to listen to.

Kimberly Gucciardi-Kriegh (Student 2019)
Kimberly Gucciardi-Kriegh

Haha I like your intro music and name. You all did a great job creating conversation but Lucien, you are a natural at podcasts and conversations! Like the inclusion of research and Matt's connection to the author and the story. You guys have such an interesting dynamic as a group which is really fun to listen to. I like the inclusion of talking about what reading the beginning was like for you personally. Great analysis, maybe next time can you add more about what the author's voice is like in the book? (POV, writing style and more!) I did really like your thoughts about the narrator and if he is trustworthy.

Nile Ward (Student 2019)
Nile Ward

I enjoyed the laid-back nature of the podcast. It was laid back but also provided insight, espeically with the connections to books we have read in class.

Christina Santana (Student 2019)
Christina Santana

Listening to your podcast showed me the correlation between the author and the main character in the book. You guys had unique and clear perspectives, allowed me to understand the plot of the book and the authors objective for writing it. As for my enjoyment, I really liked your podcast. It was very funny. I thought each of you had fun personalities and traits that were unique, and I enjoyed how light-hearted it was. In the future, I would just be conscious of how much each person speaks.

John Sugrue (Student 2019)
John Sugrue

I learned that, despite the fact that 5 of you are reading the book, no one person has understood it quite the same way. I like that there's a lot of speculation - Slaughterhouse 5 is a book that leaves a lot of empty space that's up for interpretation, and there's no one "true answer".

I love the tone that each of you pick up - we talked about taking on specific personas, and you hit the nail on the head: Lucien being kinda goofy, Messele/Marcin keeping everyone on track, Matt making important points, Jason being the straight man to all the group's antics. You guys are genuinely funny - I had to pause at Lucien saying "what year are we in? 2008." Also, the name is amazing - I love Laughterhouse 5.

Ameer Johnson (Student 2019)
Ameer Johnson
  1. Essential knowledge I gained is that the book has somewhat of an unreliable narrator and that is is hard to tell if what's happening is actually happening and if the narrator's telling of it is reliable.
  2. I really enjoyed the connections that they were making to One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.
Afi Koffi (Student 2019)
Afi Koffi

I appreciate the atmosphere and vibe of this podcast. And I ask that you continue to call him Cowboy Curtis. Though there were laughs here and there, you did a good job breaking down the themes. I'm especially interested in your questioning how close Cowboy Curtis is to his character and whether or not it is an alias.

Julia Furman (Student 2019)
Julia Furman
  1. I was able to pick up a lot of knowledge on the plot of Slaughterhouse Five and each individual theme.
  2. I liked how you gave a lot of information, but still kept it relatively light-hearted and joked throughout the podcast.
Bronwyn Goldschneider (Student 2019)
Bronwyn Goldschneider

I really liked this podcast. I like that it was less structured and more of a go with the flow kind of podcast because it allowed everyone's voice to be heard and unique opinions to be expressed. Each speaker's personality showed through and I really enjoyed listening.

Eric Valenti (Student 2019)
Eric Valenti

I think your podcast is hilarious. Your editing sounds really smooth and professional. I think the analysis of the book's plot was really good and obviously can always be improved. I think this group has good chemistry, just wish I could have heard from, everyone, a bit more. I think I gained a good knowledge of the book's plot and the author's intent form listening to this podcast.

Vivian Pham (Student 2019)
Vivian Pham
  1. What essential knowledge have you gained? I think that generally speaking, while listening to your podcast, it's clear that there are a lot of interpretations to stories, but more closely into the details of stories that are supernatural. I feel like I gained a sense of understanding in a way, because there was a contradiction that was discussed in the podcast when it came to whether or not the main character time traveled or not or was it just the style of writing.
  2. What did you enjoy about the podcast? I feel like I enjoyed the comedic atmosphere that was set into the podcast from when it first started to the end. I also enjoyed that there was a lot of contradicting points, it made me want to continue to listen and it was also just entertaining, making it easy to follow.
Majo Bostani (Student 2019)
Majo Bostani

This podcast has the right amount of context, and a really good job of putting some humor into the production. Does Cowboy Kurtis have anything to do with the book, or is that just a nickname? I gained knowledge of how stories from a pro-war point of view could really benefit an anti-war agenda, like how the author did it.

Alexandrea Rivera (Student 2019)
Alexandrea Rivera

I liked how you guys introduced the book and within your conversations, you all asked questions to one another that you were not understanding and or questions that the book itself was raising. The descriptions of the characters and their characteristics. Giving an overall summary and then going to depth would have been nice just to have a background story to go off of.

I really liked how you guys were joking and laughing almost as if it were a real conversation between all of you! The transitions were also very good and made everything flow better! I liked how you went through the feelings and emotions that the reader feels while reading and when finishing the book.

Bea Gerber (Student 2019)
Bea Gerber
  1. I like that you talk about your situation, gave background info for the book through research, and you talk about your experience reading it or when you read it while still incorporating your personalities. There is also some nice banter or questions that come up and it is nice to hear it play out. I have learned from listening that the narrator and the way time is addressed makes it hard to follow. This comes across in the way the content is discussed; you can tell they are trying to figure everything out too. I learned that the character Billy is writing Slaughterhouse 5 so what you read is supposed to be his novel. I liked the theories they were bringing up about the names changing and what different ideas actually represent (the deeper meaning of the book like addressing war).
  2. I really enjoy the humor in this podcast. You address Ms. Pahomov listening and bribe her with bookies, and you have funny introductions and honest humor. It's funny because you are being yourselves but you still give us a lot of information about the book. It feels relatable and welcoming and like we are actually there because we are laughing with you. You have great nicknames for the characters but specify for the audience who you really mean which again makes us feel like we're there with you.