Level 4 Procrastinator

To person: What are you doing Emmy! He’s literally right in front of you!

To self: Okay it's 10:33, I should be done by at least 11ish, leaving me about an hour to finish my homework. Why do teachers have to give us projects and homework? What's the point of school if we have to do the work at home? I mean everyone knows 80% of the kids just look up the answers for whatever they demand us to do. Do teachers want our childhoods to be spent having anxiety and breakdowns over every other project? Why give us this busy work? And why give us so much work? How much homework do I have for one night? Just tonight I have Four 3-step equation problems, answer questions for a 10 page document, answer 10 questions for biochem, write a 500 word script in spanish, write a 3 paragraph film analysis, and write a 600 word draft for a monologue. Now each of these things are simple, but in 1 night. 1 night!

To person: Emmy why is everybody in this game so toxic? I make 1 mistake and this kid will not stop crying   .

To self: Okay so I don’t have history tomorrow, so I can do that homework tomorrow after school. Then I can do biochem in the morning, Math and the film analysis at lunch, leaving the spanish script and the monologue for tonight. I'm a decently fast typer so it should be fine. As long as this game doesn't last too long.

To person: Can you guys actually try so we can win already? I got homework I still have to do. No you’re not even trying, you keep using the scout which is utter garbage. (Slam fist on desk) It's not my fault I procrastinate… (realization, over exaggerated sigh)

To self: I can’t keep doing this to myself. I had 3 days to do the monologue, the entire week for history, 2 weeks to do the spanish script and the film analysis. I promise after today I will no longer procrastinate. If these assignments weren’t due until the morning I’d be screwed. Wait… Are they all due in the morning? Sometimes they switch it up… Nah probably not right.... I should check to be sure. (pause) No. NONONONONONONONONONO! Why is the monologue have to be due at 12!? That's nowhere near enough time! There's no way I’m gonna finish I don’t even have an idea yet.


To self: Okay Okay I’ll just type on my phone between rounds… I’m so stupid. I should’ve just done the projects in the first place. Then I wouldn’t be stressed out every night getting a max of 4 hours sleep.

To person: God our teammates were trash… Good Game! Hey Emmy you up for another game? I can just do my homework in between rounds. (3 second pause) Aw come on, can’t you do your homework later?

Comments (8)

William Flenner (Student 2020)
William Flenner

I like how you were able to connect what you said in your monologue to the real world, especially making a direct reference to the monologue itself. I also liked how you identified the audience in the script and how you put it in a pattern that made it easy to follow: 'To person', 'To self', 'To person',… and so on. This is truly a great piece of legitimate work.

Teyonna Little (Student 2020)
Teyonna Little

So relatable and realistic. I love that this is really from a teenager's perspective and their struggle with procrastination. I like how your character is serious but helps bring a realization to readers like, "omg, I really do that", "that's really me" type of feeling.

Serenity Baruzzini (Student 2020)
Serenity Baruzzini

I don't know why you were fretting so much over your monologue! It turned out great! I think it really speaks to the SLA students in all of us, without seeming cliche or boring. Relatable, and nicely done. :)

Chloe Simmons (Student 2020)
Chloe Simmons

I was able to notice about your character that he was addicted to games. Also, he doesn't like doing homework. With your character, I notice also that he struggle with his time management with his school work by procrastinating it.

Madison Siegel (Student 2020)
Madison Siegel

I learned that this character has the struggle of procrastination. I really like this monologue because at some point in time everyone has ended up procrastinating. Whether the person thinks the assignment is to hard or just doesn't feel like doing it they may end up procrastinating, and I think you gave a good example of that! Good job!

Mia Concepcion (Student 2020)
Mia Concepcion

I learned that when recording or reciting a monologue, sometimes improvising can be a useful thing. It was refreshing to hear your character sound more like a character, and less like a person reciting a monologue.