Reflection on Media Fluency

I learned that while advertising, it should be very exciting and interesting to look at but it has to have organizacion to it. I took out the purple square that was in the center and moved the text to the center of the slide because with the pictures on one side and the text on the other, there was a sort of un balance to it. I just wanted to make it balanced. Research is very important before you start a project because with no research you'll either make up information or rush through it all and the outcome won't be so good.

Comments (10)

Jeremiah Butler (Student 2020)
Jeremiah Butler

Great job with showing you and nothing but you, really aiming high for the mark of presenting a slide based off your me magazine. Although I would make this a little more organized, I get lost. But overall good job.

Georjelis Rujano (Student 2020)
Georjelis Rujano

This slide is very active for the viewers eyes but you can take time to read the quote first and then examine the pictures. It's very good because it talks about YOU and that's important and you used your space very successfully. Good job!!!!!!!

Mamadou Samassa (Student 2020)
Mamadou Samassa

As soon as I saw your slide this time I automatically noticed that it was a lot more open. You haven't overcrowded the slide so it's a lot easier for the viewers eye to catch your attention on what you like. While you were writing your decision making process it's interesting that you said that organization has helped you make the slide a lot simpler. Good work