Slaughterhouse Podcast #1

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Ariana Flores (Student 2019)
Ariana Flores
  1. I got a grasp on the basic points in the plot, and the theme of time was very prominent in the first chapter. Your interpretation of the time traveling having to do with PTSD was a reasonable argument backed up by evidence.

  2. I appreciated the variety of interpretations in the text because it make for an engaging discussion. There was also a good balance of the amount that people were speaking.

Eli Zimmerman (Student 2019)
Eli Zimmerman

Having read the book there wasn't much I learned about it, I did however learn what other people are thinking as the book progresses and the potential deeper meanings of the novel.

I like when people go on rants about the symbolism of things in books, which I thought this group did well.

Rebecca Snyder (Student 2019)
Rebecca Snyder

I learned a lot about the themes of the novel and how that plays into the themes of the war. I really enjoyed that analysis and it made me want to read the book even more.

Jason Chen (Student 2019)
Jason Chen

Everyone spoke equally, and good points were brought up which talks about the themes of the book. I enjoyed the points that the speakers made and how they were touching upon it.

Sarah Berg (Student 2019)
Sarah Berg

What knowledge did you gain? - Book has the themes of time, fate/religion - Interpreted the time travel as flashbacks caused by PTSD because of his experience in the war and the fact that they only go back in time, not forward - Traits and intentions of different characters in the book, analysis of how they themselves are literal and figurative

What did you enjoy? - Podcast moved along at a steady pace, didn't try to fit in too many topics, but didn't linger for long on each - Straightforward context is given - Challenge each other on the PTSD topic as to how the aliens fit into that interpretation

Carolina Ortiz-Lugo (Student 2019)
Carolina Ortiz-Lugo

I was able to learn what the book is about and some of the themes that were seen in it. There was also a good analysis of characters which was nice. I personally really enjoyed all of the details given and the examples pointed out.

Ashley De La Cruz (Student 2019)
Ashley De La Cruz
  1. After listening to the podcast, I learned about how the contrast of the main character. He is perceived as a "go with the flow" kind of guy, where he believes that he has no control in anything. However, his "flashbacks" are seen as time-traveling episodes, which seems kind of absurd considering his point that he believes everything happens for a reason.
  2. I liked how you included context for the readers since a lot of us haven't read this book. I also liked the multiple questions you brought up and your answers/explanations for them.
Nzinga Suluki-Bey (Student 2019)
Nzinga Suluki-Bey
  1. I learned about what Slaughterhouse Five was about and how the main character influences the book.
  2. I like the music and when they pull quotes to describe what they are talking about.
Boubou Magassa (Student 2019)
Boubou Magassa
  1. We learned about the main character and the main conflict of the story. They give the viewer insight on the main character's condition.

  2. I like how it isn't really chronological, and they just bring up random topics that occur in the story, I also enjoy that they share the different ideas that they have build off of them with scenes in the book

Brendan Barnes (Student 2019)
Brendan Barnes

The speakers did a good job at taking turns speaking, it was balanced really well and didn't feel like only one person was talking the whole time. I didn't gain much knowledge expect that the book was about the war. I love how yall focused on some keywords and sentences.

Justin Stewart (Student 2019)
Justin Stewart
  1. I learned all about the Characters and what they did and said so far.
  2. I enjoyed how there was a balance in voices between the people in the podcast. No one spoke too much or too little
Sean Johnson (Student 2019)
Sean Johnson

1. Not much knowledge was gained. I guess I learned the plot and the summary of the book

  1. I liked the explanation, got me personally interested in the book's concept. Dope interpretations of language and how it's used, makes the podcast like 1.3x more interesting. There is a range of different interpretations in this podcast from the cast alone so that's cool!