So It Goes Podcast (Book Club Meeting 3)

Matthew, Deja, Katie, Zahira, Leah

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Nzinga Suluki-Bey (Student 2019)
Nzinga Suluki-Bey

This group talked about authors intent throughout it was not on topic. I like how the end was on a deadly one, but the group in all did very well together. The conversation flowed; they commented on each others interpretation of the authors intent.

Sean Johnson (Student 2019)
Sean Johnson

good job, It was really introspective and you deduced how it related to ourselves in modern day. You had great synergy and a good sense of what the book meant to you as individuals.

Sarah Berg (Student 2019)
Sarah Berg

Author's Intent: They discuss how the author wrote the book in a way that made it end abruptly with no real conclusion, and this reflected the way that the aliens in it view time. They also talked about how the message of the book was anti-war and shows humans repeating mistakes, and that Vonnegut possibly wrote his own experiences through Billy.

Production: I liked how they decided to focus on the writing style and intentions with it, this provided them with a lot of content and they touched on a lot of aspects of the style.

Carolina Ortiz-Lugo (Student 2019)
Carolina Ortiz-Lugo
  1. They talk about the authors intent in the whole podcast and I think that it was nice how they connected the author's goals to the real word and made sure to make the comment that the authors intent is based on their thoughts and analysis.
  2. I liked the way that there were a lot of questions coming from everyone.
Eli Zimmerman (Student 2019)
Eli Zimmerman

This podcast I think has done the best job expressing the author's intent. You did a really good job of theorizing why certain things were put in by Vonnegut but then you backed it up with textual evidence.

Ariana Flores (Student 2019)
Ariana Flores

I found the idea of whether a life really ends very intriguing. They also talked about how history repeats itself, which is a logical conclusion to come to based on that plot. When the group built of of that with their own interpretations of that idea (i.e. history repeats itself but some things change) and other ideas in general, it made for a more engaging discussion. Also, the music at the beginning of the podcast is really nice.

Meymey Seng (Student 2019)
Meymey Seng

Yes, they addressed the author's intent and used events in the book that supported their different thoughts on it. Something that I enjoyed about the production is the fact that there were many questioned presented to the group, inviting others to speak.

Amaris Ortiz (Student 2019)
Amaris Ortiz
  1. Author's Intent - Showing the truths of how war can affect people. "The human experiences" as Matt said.
  2. Production - I like how they went off of each other's thoughts or questions, didn't feel cut up or scripted
Jason Chen (Student 2019)
Jason Chen

I feel like they did a good job explaining the general idea of the author's intent. With them explaining the intent it came in different forms of what the intent was. Otherwise, I always enjoy listening to the introduction and the flow of the conversation was good.

Rebecca Snyder (Student 2019)
Rebecca Snyder

I felt like they did a good job presenting their broad interpretation of author's intent. They also expressed their different interpretations of what the intent was and commented on eachothers. As far as production, I enjoyed the opening music, it set up the conversation well.