Technology: Reflection on Media Fluency

Technology 1 Slide Project (3)
  • From this project, I was able to learn that there are actual strategies used in advertising that make billboards more pleasing to the eye. I learned that it's not easy to just shrink something so large into a single slide.
  • When I was looking over my slide, I noticed that the black and shade of blue were kind of making a color scheme. Matching color schemes looks better overall, so I removed the pictures that did not match the color theme and added pictures that did. I also removed the "Who Am I?" in the center with my name. I did this because I thought my name in the center would make people know that the slide is actually about me, and the images are gravitation around it. 
  • Research is very important when starting a project. When you are doing a presentation, it is important to go up there and actually know what you are saying. If you go up and try to present without any knowledge, the presentation won't seem as well put together and knowledgeable. 

Comments (13)

Derek Jordan (Student 2020)
Derek Jordan

Although you improved from your previous slide, I think that there is still too much going on here. I would take out a few photos and make a few that are really important to you bigger.

Mia Concepcion (Student 2020)
Mia Concepcion

You truly made your slide look pleasing with the overall theme of blue colors, and your text matches with the sleek, robotic theme. The contrast of blue and black hues against a white background is interesting, and shows the contrast element of art well. The pie chart could have larger text, so you could see it from a distance. Also, the various images are slightly cluttering, but it does flow nicely. The zzz's are slightly close to your centered name, but not touching, so it causes a bit of an irritated feeling. But I do really feel that you made a clear improvement.

Emmett Tsai-McCarthy (Student 2020)
Emmett Tsai-McCarthy

I have no idea what your old slide looks like, but I would agree with everyone else that the slide looks pretty good. I do have to say that there doesn't seem to be a huge emphasis on symmetry which can work sometimes but not always.

Mary Lamb (Student 2020)
Mary Lamb

I appreciate the color scheme on your slide, and your slide has contrast. I wish you had put more thought into the placing of the pictures, it doesn't seem purposeful. If you paid attention to symmetry and the rule of three I think it would've been much more effective. Overall nice job!

Horace Ryans (Student 2020)
Horace Ryans

The colors you used were constant so they were pleasing to look at. If I were to draw a line right through your slide vertically right through the rain drop it would be cut in two and just imagining that gives it a better look. You have the same amount of pictures on each side so it evens it out.

John Eagen (Student 2020)
John Eagen

I think you learned a lot from reflecting on the feedback you got. Everything on the page pops more now. I was a little confused on what was going on with all the images. All in all I think you learned a lot and you did a good job applying that knowledge to your slide and reflection.

Michaela Donnelly (Student 2020)
Michaela Donnelly

The way you used the same color scheme for each picture really brings your slide together. The white background was a good choice because it doesn't clash with your pictures but it tends to make the background look more like negative space.

Simone Marant (Student 2020)
Simone Marant

You did very well creating a color scheme! Unlike the Slide before it did seem pretty cluttered and there was a lot of things going on with colors and you couldn't really focus on the main point. Although the pie chart is a bit hard to see but it was a good point to put in the slide.

Salvatori Camarote (Student 2020)
Salvatori Camarote

Your slide has a very nice and intriguing color scheme, although I feel like the formatting of just the scattered images is a bit distracting as well as some images being confusing and unnecessary. However I think your slide is more professional than before and I think you did a great job explaining it and creating contrast and a nice color scheme.

Arthur LaBan (Student 2020)
Arthur LaBan

I think that using a white background to contrast your pictures really helps the slide and makes it pleasing to the eye. The negative space really helps you get your point across. Your reflection is very organized and is very easy to read.

Emma Vass (Student 2020)
Emma Vass

At first glance, the slide is not hard to look at because you have a very clear color scheme, and the images are very balanced. My main critique is the pie chart in the top right corner; in order to know how it relates to you, I had to strain my eyes to read the pie chart. If you were to do this again, either make that pie chart larger or portray that information in a different way.

Lamar Reed (Student 2020)
Lamar Reed

Nice job on improving your slide and I can see you removed the pictures that do not match. The slide looks good and I think it was a good decision to put your name in the middle instead of "Who Am I?" because it does show us that you are referring to yourself. The reflection paragraph is a good description of how you realized what was wrong with your slide and how important it is to research. Nice job on this Justin!